Benefits To Having Your Realtor Live Stream Your Open House On Social Media

By: Randy Drohan

Benefits To Having Your Realtor Live Stream Your Open House On Social Media

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In the wake of social distancing measures, media effectiveness has become essential for any REALTOR®, and finding creative new ways to promote listings gives not only a 360° degree of a property but also the perspective that you adapt fast to any changes in the industry. Now is the time to be bold and embrace innovative solutions while adapting and making unique decisions about your operations.

Initial behaviour patterns are beginning to settle into some (potentially) longer-term trends. We've seen that staying safe while also having space to live, work, and play has become a key factor in many peoples’ home-buying decisions. 

Live streaming open houses is one of the ways we’re all adapting to the “new normal” and mastering this tool will allow you to stay a step ahead of your competition. Also, if you are reading this article right now, it means that you already have a go-getter mindset. 

So, what is Live Streaming after all?   

Live Streaming is a real-time media, constantly received by and presented to an end-user while being delivered by a provider via an online platform. 

In this case, the platforms will be Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, the receiver, your audience, and the provider you.

We have gathered 5 Benefits of Live Streaming your next open house, so you will not miss a lead.


Benefit 1 - It's on Social Media!

According to We Are Social Data Report 2020, there are 3.80 Billion active social media users in the world, and the average internet user now spends 6 hours and 43 minutes online each day. Facebook alone has 2.7 billion monthly active users, while YouTube has 2 billion, and Instagram 1 billion.

Using those channels is a great way to connect to your audience since most of them should already have their accounts and will not need to join or subscribe to anything when watching your Live Streaming. Also, you will be able to save your video for reference if needed in the future. 

Benefit 2 - Unlimited Attendance

With only two-clicks, hundreds of people can attend to your Live Stream, it's easy, efficient, and most importantly Safe!

Your audience will be in the comfort of their couch watching to their future home and asking real-time questions to you while making strong connections.

Benefit 3 - International Buyers Can Attend

The beauty of the internet and social media is that there are no borders or boundaries. If you are on social media, you know that you can easily see images and watch videos from all over the world, and that is no different when it comes to your content. People who are looking for investments abroad will be using specific hashtags on the search bar, and by adding the right hashtags to your Live Streaming, you will be able to attract this audience to you. Live streaming will naturally broaden your marketing reach.

Benefit 4 - Your Seller Will Love It 

Selling a house can be as stressful as buying. All that fuzziness of home stagging and cleaning before and after every open house can be quite nerve-racking especially if the seller is living in the property. 

With Live Streaming, you will be a one-man (woman) show with 1-1000 people on the other side of your stream, as your receivers. You will not have to split yourself into 10 and will have total control of what's happening.  

Keep your sellers happy while making your buyers happy too. Everyone wins.

Benefit 5 - Get Your Brand Out There

As a real estate agent, you should always be looking for ways of enhancing your brand image. By implementing technology into your marketing strategy, you are just showing your audience that you are intelligent, modern, progressive, tech-savvy, and super COOL!

People like talking to cool people, and when you show that you know your stuff, everyone around you will start paying attention to what you are doing by following and engaging with you.

While Live Streaming is a way of showing properties and answering to real-time questions, it is not how people will buy a home with you. Don't forget that you are building a relationship, and a one-on-one interaction will be critical to build trust and turn that lead into a client. 

So, after doing your Live Open House, follow up with every single people who engaged with you, and gauge their interest levels. Then move on to the next steps.